17 read avenue,
504 read towers, Pretoria Berea 0001

Mechanical Engineering

Gokgotshe Projects mechanical engineering service is second to none ,our many and varied competencies include from the following:
Fitting and machinery maintenance
Machinery of shafts, sleeves and bearing journals
Assembling of pumps and gearboxes
Installations and maintenance of paper machinery
Steel and aluminium work and installations
Steel welding and machining works
Fabrication of stands and base plates
Aluminium welding and machining works
Pumps, gearboxes and screens overhauls and installations
Overhauling of different types of pumps
Overhauling of different types of gearboxes
Installations of water screens and watering presses
Equipment laser alignment and condition monitoring systems
Vibration analysis
Laser alignment on equipment
Balancing of equipment and vibration
Oil sampling on equipment for analysis purpose

We place great emphasis on its relationship with clients, private or commercial, and pride ourselves on the ability to respond to your contracting requirements
in an efficient and cost effective way.