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Occupational Health and Safety

At GOKGOTSHE PROJECTS we also specializes in all Occupational Health and Safety needs; ensuring that an End-to-End Service is delivered to all companies; especially the smaller to medium size business that cannot afford to employ a permanent Health and Safety Officer to adhere governing legislation services.
We are most definitely a “one-stop-shop” for complete Health and Safety Consulting Services. With the ability to adapt and conform to each clients’ business ethos as well as ensuring timeous and professional services at all times.

We offer Services valuable to industries like:

Civil Works
Construction Contractors
Office Parks
Petrochemical Contractors

Our professional Occupational Health and Safety Services include the following:

COMPILATION OF SAFETY FILES – sites specific OHS file and implementation training in necessary.
AUDITS – Monthly site and file audits, internal and external audits
SITE VISIT – OHS safety file maintenance plan development and placement of the OHS officer on site.
INCIDENT INVESTIGATION – incident investigation and putting control in place
OHS CONSULTANTS – safety systems management and offer a professional OHS advise