17 read avenue,
504 read towers, Pretoria Berea 0001

Who We Are

Gokgotshe Projects is a company based in Gauteng and North West Provinces, it was formed by three siblings, two brothers and their sister in year 2005 (Tshepo,Kgomotso and Godiragetse. The name GOKGOTSHE is the combination of the three members’ names).The company’s main objective is to provide a wide range of services within the SME sector, mainly in maintenance within the water treatment and purification field; overhauling, installations and repairing of pumps, gearboxes, screens, clarifiers and condition monitoring of those equipment, including doing laser alignment on them, as well as landscaping and garden and parks designing.

GOKGOTSHE PROJECTS’s directors through different levels of education and qualifications have done work for and with the following companies:B.T Engineering in Mbombela, which specialises in pump supply, overhaul and troubleshooting within thewater reticulation process. SEBCON in Middleburg, specialises in new installations for power station and mining sectors. Their main focal point is vibration analysis,
laser alignment and power balancing.
Pretoria Zoo in Pretoria, which we have done number of maintenance work on their animal cadges, air conditioner cadges and installations, unblocking and servicing drain systems. Removing some plants, putting pavement, walkways and re-planting some trees for better garden view and more shades on picnic sides.
DubeTec Engineering in Pretoria, we have continuously worked with them in building renovations, plumping, painting, demolishing of structures and erecting new structures.
We as the company by working with different companies in different sectors GOKGOTSHE Projects has gained extensive experience in divest fields, according to the directors’ level of qualifications and management skills. GOKGOTSHE Projects has also at all times put forward and exemplify the environmental standards and guidelines for or by clients, or the ISO 9001 and 14001
GOKGOTSHE Projects has continuously gave its best and beyond all their work, serving its community/ clients with pride and respect regardless of their culture, age, political strength, religion and etc. We as the company have made sure we maintain professionalism in all we do and continue to learn, upgrade and stain our professional standard.